Email Therapy Breakthrough


The Email Therapy Program is an exciting new method of personal development and emotional well-being that uses the powerful tool of writing to bring you focus, clarity and deep insight. With this breakthrough focusing technique you will actually make more progress – more lasting progress – at a very reasonable rate.


Email Therapy


The aim of the Email Therapy sessions are a shift in consciousness. With each email you send me, where you express your concerns, struggles and blocks, I will gently hold you in the light of your best self, receive all that you write, and then shine the light of my consciousness into your world by asking key questions that will illuminate your experience. 


As you respond to my questions consciously, you will be reaching for your deepest knowing, becoming your own healer in this journey. Through Email Therapy you spread out your self-growth and self-healing investment over time, knowing you are participating in one of the most self-clarifying methods available anywhere at a rate most people can afford. I want you to feel free to top up on sessions with me once a week, once every 2 weeks, or even once every 3 weeks, depending on what is happening in your life. There is a natural ebb and flow to life and my email therapy program is designed with this thought in mind.


There is something magical that happens in focused writing where insight and wisdom is gained as we direct our attention and shed light on our thoughts, feelings and challenges in an effective way, knowing that it will be lovingly received by someone at the other end.  I recall at many points in my own life where simply by expressing myself in writing I was able to gain a much deeper understanding of myself as well as practice becoming a healthy communicator.


This breakthrough method is low cost, efficient and comfortable as you make life-changing progress through my support in self-focusing on your own solutions while creating a written record of your insight and progress. I can’t emphasize enough the benefit of having a Therapist – someone who is completely outside your circle of friends and family, someone who always sees your best self emerging, and who receives everything your share with unconditional positive regard.


You might think of Email Therapy as amplified journaling–amplified because our connection becomes an electrified field that seems to draw from you amazing insights and wisdom as I receive everything you write in the loving awareness of your best self. My personal and professional experience will guide you through questions and feedback as we continue to dig deeper.


There is no feeling more empowering than the feeling of clarity and insight. The more clear you become about your life circumstances and what you truly desire, the closer you will get to living life from your authentic truth. Self-understanding is often best achieved through relationships as we relate to each other and to the world around us. We see ourselves reflected through the eyes of those around us. However, the therapeutic connection is a special and empowering one because I live completely outside your world and see the best self in you that wants to emerge and flourish. Unlike close friends and family, I will see you with objectivity, empathy, and unconditional positive regard – a quality that is sometimes rare in our intimate relations and one that has been proven by itself to heal, empower, and restore.


Real empowerment and real growth!



How it works


Interested? Great! Here is how it works:


In the Email Therapy Program you pay weekly. The weekly membership fee is $40 using which can be paid via Paypal or through an Australian bank account transfer.

Once I have received payment I will send you a confirmation email that includes your initial assignment.  With each email, starting with your first response, I will I read and respond to your questions and inquiries as I would do in a face to face therapeutic session. Within this program there is also the option of using your weekly credit towards a conversation with me via Skype. This can be about anything that you find difficult to express in writing or that you would like clarify through face-to-face communication.


The best thing about this program is that YOU are in charge of your progress and money. YOU decide how much you to spend and how deep you want to go in your growth journey.  Your progress will expand as you continue to write and dig deeper. I support you by shining the light of my consciousness, experience and expertise into your world by asking key questions that will illuminate your experience. You can cancel your email therapy membership at any time by giving one week’s notice in writing.


I look forward to hearing from you!





What people are saying about their sessions


“I absolutely love the Email Therapy program! Since I started emailing Sarah I am feeling more clear, supported, empowered and simply happier. It’s such an easy and simple idea and yet so effective. I honestly feel that I have recieved more from this program than spending hundreds of dollars on seminars, workshops and life coaching sessions. Whenever I am feeling unclear about something, I just get behind my computer, start typing my thoguhts and feelings to Sarah and she somehow always responds with just the right questions and feedback that help me recieve answers from within myself that are right for me. I am in charge of my life and for once it doesn’t frighten me.

Another awesome thing is that it is so affordable!”

(Wendy, Australia)


“I am really glad that I started doing Sarah’s Email Therapy program. It’s been simply brilliant for me. It’s affordable, insightful and fun as I get to write, reflect and keep track of my own progress. Sarah’s responses to my emails have been very timely, professional and supportive. She has continued to provide me with the right kind of questions and feedback for me to reflect on. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking to gain more clarity in their life.”

(Shelly, Australia)


“I am blown away by Sarah’s ability to see what is going on for me. She can see things so clearly and much better than I could have done for myself at the time. My Email Therapy and Skype sessions with Sarah have changed my life as I learned how to overcome my limiting belief systems and move forward in my life. I learned how to set healthy boundaries with others and let go of things and people who were simply not good for me.”

(Maria, NZ)


“I feel like a stronger person and much happier in my work since I have started my Skype sessions with Sarah. I feel like I have more clarity and insight into myself and my life. It’s simply priceless.”

(Nicola, UK)


“At first I was skeptical to having Email Therapy and Skype sessions. Especially with someone I didn’t know. But Sarah was welcoming, open, warm and generous of her knowledge and wisdom right from the start. She made me feel very comfortable and I felt that she respected and understood everything I shared. If it wasn’t for my email and skype sessions with Sarah I would not have let go of an unhealthy relationship that was making me sick. I would not feel as confident and mentally strong as I feel today. I never realized that having a good therapist can be so crucial in being my best self and living a better life. I now absolutely love our Skype sessions and look forward to them.”

(Rebeca, Australia)


“Sarah has helped me learn and realize so much about the importance of knowing your limits and setting healthy boundaries. Thanks to our Email Therapy sessions I am now a much better communicator both with my partner, my family members as well as with my colleagues and at work. It has simply made me feel so much more confident and stronger in myself. I am forever grateful of our sessions.” 

(Tim, USA)


“Sarah’s Email Therapy program has helped me realize what I really want in a job as well as in a relationship. Working with her has helped me become more clear about the kind of person I want to be and how I wish to experience my day to day life and decisions. She helped me realize my wants and needs as well how I can best implement everything that I am learning with her.”

(Kate, Australia)




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