Free yourself by setting healthy boundaries

Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and a healthy life. They help us to practice self-care and self-respect as well as to communicate our needs in a relationship. When you set healthy boundaries you also make time and space for positive interactions and learn how to have healthy relationships with others. Setting and sustaining boundaries is a skill that get strengthened with time and consistent practice. 


How to forgive yourself and others 

This video is one of the most important topics in the area of healing, empowerment and self-love. I am talking about forgiveness. What a crucial topic for anyone who wants to live a life of abundance, freedom and love while embracing your authentic power. The way you notice if you have forgiven someone is to first take a good look at yourself? Can you honestly say that you are free from judgement, resentment, anger, hurt and fear? Because the core of these issues stem from our lack of forgiveness for the things we have done or for what others have done to us. It’s as if we continue to live in the past every day rather than letting go and embracing the present moment. 




How to step into your authentic power

In this video I talk about authentic power and its importance in living our truth and aligning with our soul and inner Self.

What is it and how do we step into it?




What to do when you are feeling stuck

In this video I talk a bit about the feeling of stuckness and how you can move beyond it. You feel stuck, worthless, and confused. You want to move. You should. You have to. But you can’t and then it evolves into anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. But what if being stuck isn’t the problem, but how we perceive it?