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Last night I was watching the well known British/American romantic comedy called Notting Hill. I had already seen this movie several times before. However, this time around something stood out for me. I noticed the amazing relationship that Hugh Grant’s character Will had with his group of close friends. There was a scene in the movie where they all got together for dinner, celebrating “failures” such as heart-ache, loneliness, shattered dreams, relationships and a business that didn’t work out as hoped and planned. They all sat around the dining table sharing tears as well as laughter.


At the time, I thought to myself, imagine if we always did that! Imagine if, no matter what, we embraced our moments of insecurity, doubt, sadness, fear, frustration, helplessness and negativity instead of resisting them or dismissing them. What would that look like? I mean to simply feel ‘it all’ and to also celebrate it all, no matter what it may be? Hmmm…


Celebrating failures, now this is a concept I am beginning to grasp. So far, I have lived many lives, worn many hats and experienced various cultures and continents. I consider myself to be a highly conscious individual and yet for years I failed (the more I repeat this word the sillier it sounds) to introduce the concept of celebrating my failures. It didn’t even occur to me that I could embrace that which appears ugly and uncomfortable. But I am celebrating now by writing about it. I guess what is required is to simply dive in and embrace this concept into my life, regardless of experiencing feelings of resistance and fear.


In my opinion life is all about awareness and choices. To simply choose to look at everything that happens in life as opportunities to practice the expansion of my awareness – daily discoveries, gained knowledge and insight. It is this daily choice that strips me naked, shapes my life, my world, my understanding and comprehension of it all. I love that my life is a complex puzzle with a thousand different pieces.  In order to put the puzzle together correctly, I must go through dozens of incorrect pieces until I find one that fits perfectly in its place. I love the process of finding each and every puzzle.


As time passes by I continue to choose a celebration of my “failures”. Today I am celebrating by drinking a delicious cup of tea while eating a piece of yummy cake, writing yet another blog post and later on going for a long walk, which I absolutely love. I am giving permission for everything to be perfect even with all the seeming imperfections that co-exist in this cycle of creating, exploring, traveling, letting go, trying, failing, starting over, creating again… and so the cycle of life keep living…


What about you?




In the words of Madonna;

“Put your troubles down… It’s time to celebrate… Let love shine… And we will find… A way…”



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